Sponsored by: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Fossil Location: #2 PNC Plaza, Wood St. at Oliver (2009) map ] [ directions to ]
Auction Price: $3200
Materials: Plexiglas®, Hopkins maps
Theme: Pittsburgh's heritage

Intrados About the Design
Pittsburgh, a city built by industries now virtually extinct, is a landscape filled with urban artifacts of its past. The formation of its neighborhoods and street networks that crawl the hillsides, the historic structures and buildings that once dominated the land—these are the "dinosaurs" we will excavate.

As Pittsburgh continues to reinvent its identity through new industries, buildings and urban forms, it is essential to understand and acknowledge its rich cultural legacy. Pittsburgh's heritage includes not only mighty dinosaur structures such as the Allegheny County Court House, the Gulf Tower, or the Armstrong Cork Building that still roam the city, but also extinguished structures such as the Brady Sold!Street Bridge and Three Rivers Stadium that exist only in memory.

"Intrados" symbolizes Pittsburgh's "urban dinosaurs" with a Stegosaurus whose skin is a collage of early 20th-century Hopkins maps of Pittsburgh. The Stegosaurus has Plexiglas® scales projected from its body like armor attached with metal hardware. On its scales are images of historic places and structures: translucent for those that still remain, and transparent for those demolished. Ultimately, this dinosaur serves as a monument to the beauty and evolution of Pittsburgh's urban landscape.