Sponsored by: PNC Bank
Charity: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Fossil Location: The Waterfront, Homestead (2009) map ] [ directions to ]
Auction Price: $3000
Materials: Oil-based enamel paint, acrylic gold paint, cotton string
Theme: Pittsburgh icons represented in the traditional style of pysanky

Pitt-sanky About the Design
This design is inspired by pysanky, the ancient art of Ukrainian egg decorating. The purpose of pysanky is to commemorate meaningful elements of the artist's life and culture. The manner in which the pysanky artist adapts traditional designs to reflect personal influences is what makes each egg unique. Over the course of 2,500 years, new designs have expanded the art form by becoming part of the "common language" of pysanky. In keeping with this traditiSold!on, our "Pitt-sanky" adapts standard pysanky motifs into design elements that evoke Pittsburgh's unique culture:
- the pysanky style itself reflects the strong cultural ties upheld in our city
- primary use of black and gold reflects official colors; black is also the most common pysanky color
- red/blue/yellow steel symbols punctuate design
- traditional motif for wheat reflects historical Pittsburgh breweries (Duquesne, Fort Pitt, Allegheny, etc.)
- traditional motif for water adapted to reflect our three riversTeam Pitt-sanky
- motifs of bridges, mini Fort Pitts, and golden triangles used throughout
- gold horns and feet mimic the gilt stands and findings used to display pysanky

About the Sponsor
PNC Bank takes a comprehensive approach to helping enrich the lives of its neighbors and drive economic development in the regions it serves. Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s DinoMite Days was a great fit for this strategy—it highlighted the museum’s outstanding displays, showcased the work of area artists, and attracted visitors to the core of our region. PNC Bank was proud to play a role.

Click on the thumbnails for more pictures of Pitt-sanky:

Detail of
Homestead Steel Works

Detail of
Point State Park

Front medallions sketched in

Finishing Homestead medallion

Finishing fountain medallion and starting river motifs

Creating foundation
layer for

Detail of "Pittsburgh"
written in Russian

Unveiling with
Hines Ward