Sponsored by: Downtown Athletic Club of Pittsburgh, Coal Valley Corporation, Spence & Griffin Families
Charity: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Fossil Location: USX Tower Plaza, 600 Grant Street (2009) map ] [ directions to ]
Auction Price: $3600
Materials: Welded steel

About the Design
Life and death contrast and morph in the design of this Torosaurus. In one interpretation, the hope created by colorful blooms overcomes the skeletal despair of death as a dinosaur is pulled back from extinction and given a second chance. In another interpretation, "Dino-Morphosis" is a study of one dinosaur’s transformation from living creature to fossilized bones. From the front, the Sold!Torosaurus blooms with bright flowers and verdant vines, but look at a leg and see the conversion in progress. Each piece of this dino skeleton is a single bone, hand-forged from an 18-gauge flat section of steel.

Kent Frazee is an artisan who works with metals, wood, plastic and glass. His dinosaur welds together the old and the new, the past and the present. No matter which way you interpret its dichotomy, "Dino-Morphosis" symbolizes the past, when dinosaurs flourished as vibrant creatures, and now, when their fossilized bones amaze and enlighten us.

About the Sponsor
The Spence and Griffin Families are proud to recognize the contribution Carnegie Museums make to our community. Our families, Toran, Alexander, Stephanie and Bill Spence; Sean, Marian, and Dan Griffin along with our businesses, Coal Valley Corporation, Spence Communications, and the Downtown Athletic Club of Pittsburgh salute their efforts!