Sponsored by: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Fossil Location: Station Square, East Carson St. lot (2009) map ] [ directions to ]
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Materials: Steel beams, fiberglass, plaster
Theme: Art and architecture

Torn Torosaurus About the Design
Ray Geiger: "As in much of my recent work, the sculptural aspects are asked to support a structure. This pertains to my theories of combining art and architecture. The dinosaur plays a key role in this process as a symbol of the fossil fuels used to build contemporary society.

"The dinosaur is fractured in half providing a different view of the Sold!Torosaurus form and commenting on natural symmetry. The one half of the interior displays the layering of the geological formations where the dinosaur remains are found, while the other half displays a conceptualized building of society from the earth into the sky. This ascendancy is also represented by the solidity of the sculpture as it goes from earth base to Torosaurus to airy steel reaching into the sky. The one exterior of the dinosaur is simply an artistic and colorful interpretation of dinosaur skin. This pays homage to the actual creature itself, while providing some Geiger and assistantconjecture about dinosaur skin."