Sponsored by: Medrad, Inc.
Charity: St. Margaret Foundation
Fossil Location: 605 Devenshire - on private property (2021-Sep) map ] [ directions to ]
Auction Price: $5700
Theme: Tropical poison tree frogs
  Spectrasaurus by J.P. Glover About the Design
Glover's Stegosaurus design is founded on the assumption that a bright color treatment in the tail-spike region might serve as an effective warning to any predator to avoid the powerful defensive tail. A current example of this approach would be the brightly hued, diminutive but very poisonous tree frogs found in today's tropics. Glover chose to utilize his characteristic free-flowing linesSold! applied in a manner that is harmonious with the dinosaur's 3D contours. These lines become apparent to the viewer when seen up close. From a distance, the colors appear softer and more natural but still exciting. Visit John Peter Glover's website.

John Peter GloverAbout the Sponsaur
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