Sponsored by: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Fossil Location: Schenley Plaza, University of Pittsburgh Campus (2009) map ] [ directions to ]
Auction Price: $4100
Fiberglass appliques, spring-mounted plates
Theme: If the hucksters of the 1800s had been around to offer the dinosaurs protection from extinction

The Anti-Asteroid Suit About the Design
Little remains or is known about dinosaur culture and society, and most people are surprised to learn that dinosaur civilization was very similar to life as it existed for humans on the American western frontier in the late 19th century. Imagine a few hyperactive, nervous dinosaurs watching meteors streak across the night sky and worrying about being hit by one. Imagine the dinosaur equivalent of the "Snake-oil huckster" or "con artist" preying on the insecurities and worries of those other neurotic Sold!creatures and convincing them that owning and wearing an "Anti-Asteroid Suit" was the only reasonably safe way to exist.

The suit consists of a web of crossing "leather" belts (fiberglass appliques) supporting stand-offs with shock-absorbing springs to which various metal shields and shapes are connected.