Sponsored by: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Fossil Location: Migrated to a new unknown home (2009) map ]
Auction Price: $7000
Materials: Steel, cables, plexiglass
About the Design
Oh, the simple joys of childhood! Remember whiling away a summer afternoon playing with favorite trucks? You could pull the levers, pick up rocks, or send a vehicle careening down a hill. Even with a few dents, the metal kept shining. If these are the memories that appeal to you, then "Toyosaurus" is just your kind of dinosaur.

Sold!Artist James O'Toole imagines a Torosaurus as a crane truck with enough metal and gearshifts to amuse the rowdiest inner child. The idea for "Toyosaurus," in fact, came from a child—O'Toole's four-year-old son! With more than a little ingenuity and a cool design taking advantage of the dino's horns, "Toyosaurus" roared to life.