Sponsored by: Community Care Plus
Charity: St. Sebastian Parish School
Fossil Location: 272 Shady Ave., near intersection with Walnut St., Shadyside (2009) map ] [ directions to ]
Auction Price: $7500
Theme: Scientific processes

Petrolosaurus About the Design
The "Petrolosaurus" concept stems from the processes that have made the fossil fuels we are using today. This fuel began as a living organic matter. The dinosaurs were a part of this long geochemical process. They broke down plant matter, and in time added their bodies to the matter that formed into oil, coal and gases.

"Petrolosaurus" begins with a fern forest floor at his feet, his natural food surrounding him. Ferns rise up on the body, wrapping him, while edging in from his face and tail are the fossil forms of these same plants, adding texture and color. The patterns on these plant fossils echo ideas of what dinosaur skin could have looked like. All the forest eventually becoSold!mes fossil near the plates of "Petrolosaurus." The fossils evaporate into the chemical processes that denote petrochemicals. The plates become as blackboards in a science lab. The intense tones on the main body lead up to the stark science that builds the richness below. These formulas, charts and explanations are all taken from relevant texts such as Petroleum Geochemistry and Geology by Hunt and Essential Principles of Organic Chemistry by Cason.

About the Sponsor
Community Care Plus is a multi-specialty medical practice serving the needs of the North Hills community. Its dinosaur is sponsored in memory of Father Francis Solanus Duchala, OFM, who was a long-time patient and friend, for the benefit of the children at St. Sebastian School.

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