GALA RAFFLE WINNER:  Al Thomson of Pittsburgh, PA

Fossil Location: Frick Park (2009) map ] [ directions to ]
Red lacquer, bronze metallic paint
Theme: Dinosaurs and their food sources


Lacquer Raffle tickets were available for $100 at the Gala & Live Auction on October 18.

About the Design
Don’t play with your food, children are told. Yet in one of Pittsburgh’s most popular playgrounds stood a dinosaur that dispelled this notion. "Toroflorasaurus Carnegii" was a magnet for children, standing sentry in Frick Park’s busy playground at Forbes and South Braddock Avenues. Artist Greg Sandor did his research before ornamenting the Torosaurus with its food sources of ferns, club mosses, cycads, horsetails, bushy conifers, fern fruits, and the fleshy flowers of cycadeoids, all drawn from fossils.