Sponsored by: Monroeville Mall
Charity: Gateway Foundation
Fossil Location: Monroeville Mall (2009) map ] [ directions to ]
Auction Price: $5800
Postcards, maps
Theme: Living history of Pittsburgh's culture, science, communities, and communication

Travel Torosaurus About the Design
Laura Seldman's "Travel Torosaurus" is covered with postcards. Postcards illuminate the stories and images that connect our past and present. They remind us of our common experiences, evoking memories of travel, special places, and events, marking moments in our lives, filling us with the flavor of living history.

Sold!The original vintage postcards of Pittsburgh supplemented by the artist's personal collection have been enlarged on a color copier to reveal the details beyond the attractive 'views'. Handwriting styles, postmarks, dates, stamps, and message content give us much more information for our eyes and minds to relate to. Several layers of paper, assembled like a patchwork quilt, are glued to the sculptured dinosaur in a decoupage process and then sealed with many coats of polyurethdetail from Travel Torosaurusane.

In an effort to further engage the public, Ms. Seldman photographed her dinosaur on location and produced a postcard as a memory token to be distributed free by the artist or through a TAKE ONE box on the base. This 'prehistoric' postcard project celebrates American (specifically Pittsburgh) culture, science, communities and communication.

About the Sponsor
Located in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, the newly renovated Monroeville Mall has 180 retail and specialty stores, including Kaufmann’s, Lazarus, JCPenney, Courtyard Café, and the Mr. Rogers’ Play Space for Kids.

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