Sponsored by: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Fossil Location: S. Aiken Ave. at Walnut St., Shadyside (2009) map ]
Auction Price: $5000
Found parts
Theme: Pittsburgh's ethnic culture

Steppin' Out About the Design
Artist Nellie Lou Slagle: "If I were a Stegosaurus coming to the 'Burgh, I'd put on my finest clothes before steppin' out. I'd trade my wrinkly old camouflage skin for a beautiful and shimmering one. With ruby red lips and toes, I'd find a creative artist to weave my dress and design the perfect matching jewelry. Here's how she'd do it.

"First, she would paint my body gold, silver and chartreuse. Then she would add an eye-catching stripe of ultramarine blue along my spine (using acrylic paint and sealer). She'd Sold!fashion lovely silver tattoos from metallic duct tape to adorn my plates. My designer jewelry would include metal bangles (faucet supply lines), fluorescent green braided chokers (plastic-coated clothes line), jumbo neon orange earrings (made from Slinkys), and glitter tube necklaces and "tailaces" (plastic tubing filled with sparkles). To weave my garment, she would anchor copper-colored ground wire for the warp by drilling aluminum roof nails along my spine, belly, and legs. She would weave my dress using multi-colored telephone wires for the weft. Then I'd be one classy DinoMite lady ready to be 'steppin' out in the 'Burgh.'"