Sponsored by: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Fossil Location: U.S. Open, Arthur Ashe Stadium, Flushing Meadows, NY (2009) map ] [ directions to ]
Auction Price: $2000
Materials: Tennis equipment, netting, Har-Tru


About the Design
Tennis enthusiasts and mother-daughter artists, Nellie Lou Slagle and Susie Perelman, teamed up to create a DinoMite Days orSold!iginal for the 2003 US Open. Emerging on the courts of New York, "Tennisaurus" is decked out with official tennis racquets, shoes, balls and a net. The spikes along the dinosaur's spine also are lined with tennis court terrain.

"As an artist, I have worked with tennis and sports motifs, however, this was my first project combining a three-dimensional dinosaur with one of the world's largest sports attractions," said Susie Perelman, artist and chairperson of DinoMite Days. "This sculpture combines the world's timeless fascination of dinosaurs with the game of tennis in a new and colorful light, offering players a platform to show a fun side of their nature."