Thank you to all the Sponsaurs who joined in this wonderful opportunity to support the city of Pittsburgh, promote regional talent, and raise funds for the not-for-profit community. However, while DinoMite Days may be extinct, the work of Carnegie Museum of Natural History continues!

Individually, each of the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh displays and interprets the world through its own unique lens of art, science, and natural history. Together, we share a common vision: To set, with uncompromising quality, the national standard among museums for integration into the communities we serve.

Our communities are numerous and varied: from teachers and students to the general public, artists, scientists, and scholars worldwide. Our vision acknowledges that the success of our museums is intertwined with the success of these communities and reflects the pivotal role we play in strengthening southwestern Pennsylvania's reputation as a vital cultural center. Rooted in tradition, with a future course marked by innovation and service, Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh strives to be an active partner in the growth and vitality of our region.

To learn more about becoming a supporter of Carnegie Museum of Natural History, go to the sponsorship web page or contact Steve Morrison at 412.578.2479, or email morrisons@carnegiemnh.org.


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