Dinosaurs of Distinction:
The Art of DinoMite Days

Price: $29.95

The DinoMite Days book uses hundreds of full-color photographs to illustrate the very creative path the 100 DinoMite Days dinosaurs followed as they made their way through the streets of the Pittsburgh region and into the hearts of its residents.

In addition to depicting the DinoMite art exhibit, the book gives readers an opportunity to dig deeper into the mysterious world of dinosaur collecting. Each dinosaur design, no matter how fantastic or outrageously creative, is tied back to the remarkable collections of Carnegie Museum of Natural History with an interesting and relevant fact.

Cover of the Dinosaurs of Distinction book. The picture is divided into nine squares with the title in the middle square and pictures of dinosaurs in the other eight

The book is no longer available at the Museum bookstores, try It can be read on line at the Internet Archive

These mugs are the perfect size for a dose of Stegosaurus Soda, Tyrannosaurus Tea, or a Torosaurus Toddy!

  • Three different designs
  • Price: $9 each

View:  Florasaurus . Sign-O-SaurusKetchupsaurus