The People's Choice

The People Have Spoken!

You've been seeing them all over town—and you told us which ones were your favorites!

Finally, here are the winners of the People's Choice Awards which were revealed at the Gala & Live Auction at David L. Lawrence Convention Center on October 18, and announced at Dollar Bank DinoMite Days Family Day on October 19.  Thank you to everyone who voted!


Dinosaur of Distinction
Most votes overall

Winchester Thurston School

The Jurassic Trophy
Best dinosaur theme

Fossil Fuels
Patrick Daugherty

The Natural World Trophy
Best flora & fauna

Winchester Thurston School

The Three Rivers Trophy
Most representative of Pittsburgh

Intrados: Pittsburgh's "Urban" Dinosaur
Lucia Aguirre & Anne R. Savage

The Family Trophy
Most appealing to children

Phillips Elementary School

The "Dippy" Trophy
Most comical or amusing

Nicole Bernabei

The Steel City Trophy
Most abstract or avant garde

Pre-Hysteric Fillet
Foraxis Design Solutions

The Golden Tooth Trophy
Best Tyrannosaurus rex

Geniusaurus Rex
James O'Toole & Astorino Design Team

The Golden Plate Trophy
Best Stegosaurus

Spectrum in the Shadows
Daveia Davis

The Golden Horn Trophy
Best Torosaurus

TIE: Nino the Crusher - Rick Bach
Hopper - Evan Gealy

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