Sponsored by: The Rockwell Foundation
Charity: Shady Side Academy
Fossil Location: Convention Center (2009) map
Auction Price: $8700
Materials: Ceramics, glazes, glass

Coral Reefosaurus About the Design
Sponsored by The Rockwell Foundation, the "Coral Reefosaurus" was designed and created by lead artist and Shady Side Academy Art Teacher, Scott Aiken. Numerous ceramic fish, sea fans, coral pieces and sea creatures were made out of clay, while the Portuguese Man-of-War was created by Mr. Aiken at the Pittsburgh Sold!Glass Center. High-fire, low-fire and raku glazes were all used, as were stoneware, earthenware and porcelain clay bodies. Assistant artist Dave Evans provided his expertise by designing and air brushing the impressive coral reef background. Mr. Aiken and Mr. Evans also worked together on the "Shady Sideosaurus" earlier this Spring.

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