Sponsor: Bozzone Family Foundation
Charity: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Fossil Location: 201 S. Highland Ave., near bus terminal, East Liberty (2009) map ] [ directions to ]
Auction Lot: Purchased by sponsor—not available for sale
Materials: Latex, acrylics, found objects from nature (twigs, etc.)
Theme: Modern forms of life which originated from the DNA of the dinosaurs

Prescience About the Design
Embedded in the DNA of the dinosaurs was the raw material of animal life to come. "Prescience" hints at the nature of life to be, while maintaining the structure of the Stegosaurus underneath.

I've been adopted!The painted surface is a collage of overlapping transparencies of imagery from all the animal kingdoms. The designs range from rough, beautifully patterned reptilian skin, amorphic amphibial fins, and luminous insect wings, to the horselike head on a hugely thick elephantine body. Some 3-dimensional elements such as twigs and screens are fastened to the surface.