Sponsored by: Matthews International Corporation
Charity: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Fossil Location: Matthews International (2009) map
Auction Lot: Purchased by sponsor—not available for auction
Artists: Product Design and Development Group, Bronze Division, Matthews International Corporation



About the Design
The color scheme of this Torosaurus reflects the spectrum of the bronze casting process. The yellow-white back has the appearance of molten metal. The colors then change, ranging from the red-orange of the solidifying stage to the light brown of the cooling stage. Ultimately, the base of the final product ranges from the greenish color of various patinas to a highly polished, mirror-like finish.  Two bronze plates on the shins and plaques at the feet complete the image.

I've been adopted!About the Sponsor
Established in 1850, Matthews International Corporation is the oldest continuously operating company in Pittsburgh. Matthews is an innovator in the design and manufacture of products that identify people, places, products and events. Through the company’s five divisions, Matthews enjoys worldwide leadership in the memorialization, architectural identification, graphics imaging, and marking products industries.

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