Sponsored by: NOVA Chemicals
Fossil Location: Station Square, mall entrance (2009) map ] [ directions to ]
Auction Price: $5000
Recycled bags, burlap
Theme: Absurdity in union of plastic and dinosaurs, symbolizing the differing ecological legacy of each

Hairy the Torosaurus About the Design
The "Hairy" Torosaurus is a playful creature bringing together recycled plastic bags and a model representing the Torosaurus dinosaur. There is an underlying absurdity in this union. Plastic is a man-made, non-biodegradable material which can be viewed as a symbol of human beings' incurring ecological legacy. The dinosaur is an animal tSold!hat no longer physically exists on the planet yet captivates our contemporary culture by its past existence.

Strips of recycled bags woven through burlap pelts produced this festive furry creature. The pelts were glued to the fiberglass form. The hair gets shorter close to the face, with parts of the form having flat detailpatterns applied through painting, layering strips and some texture mixed with clear polyurethane.

Exploring possibilities within the idea is part of the excitement of its creation. Air currents and wind move the strips in different directions, which add a sense of movement or animation to the large creature. "Hairy" tickles our senses and whimsically mirrors aspects of our human nature.

About the Design
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