Sponsored by: Babcock Lumber Company
Charity: Family Resources Family Retreat Center
Fossil Location: Ligonier Library (2009) map ] [ directions to ]
Auction Price: $4200
Materials: Stone dust, tarcloth, fiberglass

PixelsaurusAbout the Design
Dragging a dinosaur through time, artist Quentin Curry uses elements from the Renaissance, the Industrial Age, and contemporary times in his artwork. Pigment mixed with stone dust has roots in Renaissance painting. The tarcloth and fiberglass point to technological developments in building techniques. Finally, the language of digital imagery—lines andSold! pixels—surfaces in "Pixelsaurus," one "neo-Jurassic" dinosaur.

About the Sponsor
Babcock Lumber Company’s roots in Western Pennsylvania date back to 1887. Today, Babcock Lumber Company is still family owned and operates facilities in seven states concentrating on hardwoods and building materials distribution.