Sponsored by: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Fossil Location: Carson Street at 12th (2009) map ] [ directions to ]
Auction Price: $6100
Materials: Oil-based paint, garbage can
Theme: The freshness of breaking dawn can renew something even as old as a dinosaur

Morning Climb About the Design
Ian Green:  "The Stegosaurus, in its uphill morning crawl, clanks a garbage-canned footstep in time with the machine music of garbage truck mastications. Beyond the humming sulphur streetlights, a sliver of waning moon touches softly upon the rooftops and hill while the blue light of morning spreads across the sky and down the slopes of South Side.

"A line from Tom Waits kept playing in my head as I worked on this..."the streets are Sold!turning blue, the dogs are barking and the night is gone." It's that breath of morning air and the promise of another day that I want people to feel. detail of garbage canThat it's all happening on the surface of an animal millions of years extinct, only adds to the sense of gratitude I feel in witnessing the dawn."

Green used oil-based enamel over primer for the painting and a slightly bashed garbage can for the foreleg.