Sponsored by: PNC Bank
Charity: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Fossil Location: The Waterfront, Homestead (2009) map
Auction Price: $5700
Theme: Iconic spans of Pittsburgh

Bridgeosaurus About the Design
Pittsburgh's many bridges are arguably the city's most evocative images, to both the visitor and the long-time resident. The structures of the Fort Duquesne and the Fort Pitt Bridges find a perfect echo in the curved back of Stegosaurus. Transposing the images of these iconic spaSold!ns from Pittsburgh's Point creates a resonance between natural past and engineering present.

About the Design
PNC Bank takes a comprehensive approach to helping enrich the lives of its neighbors and drive economic development in the regions it serves. Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s DinoMite Days was a great fit for this strategy—it highlighted the museum’s outstanding displays, showcased the work of area artists, and attracted visitors to the core of our region. PNC Bank was proud to play a role.

detail of Bridgeosaurus

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