Sponsored by: Oakbridge Academy of Arts
Charity: Easter Seals Western Pennsylvania
Fossil Location: Pittsburgh Zoo Education Center (2009) map ] [ directions to ]
Auction Price: $9000
A warning as to the eventual fate of endangered species

Torosaurus lepidopteron About the Design
Mark Klingler: "This design is inspired by the fleeting qualities of nature itself. Just as the dinosaurs have disappeared from the earth, many species are becoming extinct during our lifetime.

"When becoming aware of this dino project, I decided to adorn a former creature of the land with what we consider our most delicate of today's butterflies, all of which can be found in Western Pennsylvania and most of which are endangered. Today we have conservation programs to protect the natural resources of our communities, states and national regions, but that is not enough. Many areas of our planet suffer from poachers, development, pollution and other selfish ideals for revenues.

"Though I trust a colorful dinosaur will not solve the dilemma, perhaps these extinct critters, adorned with living beauty we still have close to us, will help people appreciate what they find in their yards, parks, and public lands. I hope the diversity in forms of these endangered butterflies allows people to realize that what we have now is worth protecting and nurturing."

Sold!About the Sponsor
The Oakbridge Academy of Arts specializes in career educational opportunities and training for the student who wants to gain the working knowledge necessary to succeed in today's competitive visual arts society.

The curricula at Oakbridge are designed to offer students a concentrated study. Our approach to career education provides each individual with the training to actualize his or her potential for growth. The Academy works with each student on an individual basis
towards competency as a commercial artist or professional photographer. 
Website: www.oaa.edu

Staff & Faculty Involved: Janie Gatti, Michelle Huot, Mark Lowe, Mark Klingler, Cliff McGuire, Tom Gallovich, Carol Ann Krause

Student Artists: Maxime Racaud, Sarah Henson, Damon Zimmerly, Rachel Beall, Robert Mowery, Jonathan Dellecave, Mark Warkaske, Jessica Barton, Jon Lanham, Lee Unger, Kristy Rametta, Jennifer Carr, John Zumo, Dennis Miller, Carrie Fox

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Creating the templates

Transferring designs
to model
Filling in the base colors

Adding detail and stippling

Detail of neck

Adding the artists' signatures

Detail of Tiger Swallowtail

Finishing touches