Sponsored by: Kolbrener Design
Charity: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Fossil Location: #3 Gateway Center, Penn Ave. between Stanwix and Commonwealth (2009) map
Auction Price: $6500
Theme: Notable figures in history

About the Design
People are quick to assign human characteristics to non-human beings, dinosaurs included. "Anthropomorphisaurus" (say that three times fast) offers human beings on a dino in a pop-art, expressionistic style.

This smooth Stegosaurus comes to us from Michael Sold!Lotenero, designer, painter and illustrator. Lotenero's work can be found in galleries in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, and New York.

About the Sponsor
Kolbrener, Inc. helps organizations adapt and sharpen their brands. Using a proven process, clients have enhanced their brands to reach key audiences and increase revenues while simultaneously realizing cost efficiency in their marketing communications. The Kolbrener team has successfully assisted clients in evolving their brands across a number of markets including consumer goods and services, healthcare, professional and financial services, manufacturing, transportation, technology, telecommunications, and nonprofit.

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