Sponsored by: The Hillman Company
Charity: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Fossil Location: PPG Plaza, 110 third st (2021-Aug) map ] [ directions to ]
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Trompe l'oeil techniques
Theme: Paleontology

Mr. Dig About the Design
The large fossil collection and Dinosaur exhibit housed in Carnegie Museum of Natural History were the inspiration for this design, which features a crew of miniature paleontologists in the process of excavating a large T. rex. The fossilized bones and paleontologists were rendered in a realistic paint style combining portraiture and trompe l'oeil painting techniques.

"I was very excited about this competition as I have had great experiences with Public Art Projects in the past," I've been adopted!says artist Glennis McClellan. "Also, my nephew loves Dinosaurs and thinks I am the coolest aunt ever!" Ms. McClellan added, "It did require some fiberglass detail from Mr. Digsculpture work to create the rock-like texture in some areas, but the overall T. rex shape was maintained and it was painted to resemble stone. I also used real rocks at the base of the statue, so it would seem that some actual diggin' had been going on - that was a last-minute decision that really added to the overall design."

"Mr. Dig" is a companion piece to "Washington Monuphant", a design that Ms. McClellan created in 2002 for the DC Commission's project 'Party Animals'. Both sculptures feature miniature people hard at work: "Mr. Dig" has paleontologists excavating bones, while "Washington Monuphant" features artists sculpting and carving a large marble monument.

About the Sponsor
The Hillman Company is a privately owned, diversified investment company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.