Fossil Location: Migrated to a new unknown home (2009) map ]

WINNER: Dan Monahan from Imperial, PA 

Raffle tickets for this dinosaur were available online and at Dollar Bank DinoMite Days Family Day


Imagine That! by Alexander Overby About the Design
Fourteen-year-old Alexander Overby's creation addresses the intriguing questions on how dinosaurs looked and what they mean to us.  We have bones and fossils to interpret dinosaurs, but we still have to use our imaginations to fill in the blanks.

Echoing these notions, Overby employed a technique that resulted in two contrasting, detailed, and colorful layers of Sandy Overbypainted skin, one of which is revealed in a spiral pattern under the other.  These layers symbolize the possible "looks" dinosaurs may have had and they reflect the importance of imagination, not just for artists, but also for scientists.

Covered in a base coat chosen to represent fire, and with a stylized tail designed to resemble a meteor, we are reminded of what has been surmised to be the fiery demise of the dinosaurs.  Small, stenciled words added to the work challenge viewers to stretch their thinking to deeper levels.