Sponsored by: Buchanan Ingersoll
Charity: Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children
Fossil Location: School for the Blind, 201 N Bellfield St - offsite for repairs (2021-Aug) map ] [ directions to ]
Auction Price: $17,500
Theme: Seeing through touch

Seymour Sparklesaurus About the Design
When Sparky arrived at the school in late January, she was quiet and plain, a dinosaur you'd never even notice, simply a "giant marshmallow" in the words of Dr. Janet Simon, executive director for the school. But then art teacher Carol Kreiser and her students got their hands on Sparky—quite literally. "It was such a fun project," says Kreiser. "It was woSold!nderful to be part of such a large community project and even more exciting to know that it's going to be out there for everyone to see."

Her students thrive on tactile projects such as these and enjoyed sponging their school colors—teal and purple—onto Sparky's rough surface. Each classroom, 27 in all, made a stencil of one of their classmates' hands, and then that stencil was used by a representative from each class as a guide to paint golden handprints onto Sparky's belly and back. Faculty members pressed their handprints on, too, as well as representatives from Buchanan Ingersoll, the law firm that sponsored Sparky's makeover by the school.

About the Sponsor
With offices in six states and the U.K., Buchanan Ingersoll is one of the 100 largest law firms in the nation. Our attorneys are dedicated to building a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and industries and discovering the best solutions to address their needs.

Note: This dinasaurer currently (14 Sep 2022) has been removed for repair. The plan is to return it sometime soon.