Sponsored by: Joseph and Violet Soffer Foundation
Charity: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Fossil Location: 1030 Broadview Blvd, Natronia Heights (2022-Jan) map
Auction Price: $2800
Paint, collage, mirrors
Theme: Links people have to all other forms of life on the planet

Cogitatio Aeterna About the Design
Glen Whittaker: "I wonder how often people think about their link to all other life forms on this planet. Specifically, in this case, to the dinosaurs. Does anyone wake in the morning, look in the mirror and see that part of us that inhabited earth long before we humans got here? Maybe even think what it would be likBuy me online!e to walk around in the shoes of the dinosaurs, to share their perspectives, to live with their needs, and experience their desires? My handling of this project will address these questions, and probably a few more that will crop up along the way, by giving people the starring role."

This Dinosaur originally looked very different, its name translated in Latin to "eternal Reflection", with various lines and shapes meant to illustrate this concept. However, after years of decay the dinosaur was given a new theme and paint job by Greater Pittsburgh Orthopedic Associates. The artist formerly known as Cogitatio Aeterna can still be found in front of the business in Natrona Heights.


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