Sponsored by: The Laurel Foundation
Charity: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Fossil Location: Somewhere in Oakmont (2022-Aug)
Auction Price: $4000
Theme: Power of the imagination

Dino-Gold by Joseph Youss-Kadri About the Design
Although dinosaurs disappeared from the face of the earth millions of years ago, they have attained immortality by roaming the fields of our imagination.  Gold, as an artistic expression, has had the same enthralling effect on the imagination, for it, too, is eternal.

Master gilder Joseph Youss-Kadri learned his craft in Paris.  He has worked on the restoration of prestigious monuments such as Les Invalides, the Alexandre III Bridge, and the restoration of the Statue of Liberty's torch flame.  For his "Dino-Gold" design, Kadri seamlessly wrapped the Stegosaurus with about 3000 real gold leaves.

Sold!About the Sponsaur
Founded in 1951 by Cordelia S. May, the Laurel Foundation supports public arts, theater, history, museums, vocational and adult educational programs, population and environmental issues, and community health programs in southwestern Pennsylvania. In addition to its generous support of Carnegie Museum of Natural History's DinoMite Days, the Laurel Foundation has been a generous supporter of Powdermill Nature Reserve's Bird-Banding Program and Carnegie Museum of Art.