Get your own Dino!
When: October 18, 2003
Where: David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Dino-GoldThe evening was positively prehistoric! Over 1,200 guests enjoyed cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and a grazing-style dinner in a Jurassically proportioned habitat. 

The black-tie affair included an Open-Bar-osaurus and hallways lined with the best-dressed dinos this side of the Cretaceous! Props herded straight from L.A.'s Jurassic Park studios set the stage, and guests mingled with enormous stilt birds and dinosaurs directly from Disney World's theme parks. 

Coral ReefosaurusGuests gasped and applauded as they watched 26 dinosaurs find new homes in the Live Auction. Those who were already bidding online kept an eye on their bids using the online terminals posted around the Gala. Guests could also bid on "dinosaur eggs" decoratively adorned by celebrities and sports figures such as Dar Williams, Billie Jean King, Jimmy Connors, and Miles Ward. 

Tea Rex Jurassic Jungle
Once the Auction action was over, it was time to par-tay! DJ Lady Bunny, direct from New York's hottest club scene, kept the groove going on the dance floor.  Guests enjoyed late-night snacks, desserts, open bar, and dancing till the party was extinct!

All for a stompin' good cause
Sponsors selected a beneficiary to receive 50% of the price for the auctioned dinosaurs, and the remaining proceeds will benefit Carnegie Museum of Natural History's public and educational programs, which reach almost one million people throughout the region.

For more information
To find out the winning prices of the auctioned dinosaurs, visit the Auction Results page.

To learn about other ways in which you can support Carnegie Museum of Natural History, visit the Sponsorship page.

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